Frequently Asked Questions - Event Photography

How will I get my photos?

All images are delivered in JPEG format by way of an easy-to-use password-protected online gallery, where you can download photos individually or all at once, in full or web resolution, and can share the gallery with your guests - who can also download their photos. You can even restrict which photos in the gallery your guests can see when you share. This gallery will be located in the "Client" section of my website. You can also choose to purchase prints directly from the gallery to be printed through a professional lab, although your contract includes a copyright release which allows you to download and print them yourself.

How many photos will I get?

Event photography coverage typically yields 40 images per hour of coverage but this varies event to event and hour to hour. The emphasis is on quality over quantity. In some cases, this number is higher (e.g. red carpet coverage, or high attendance events where guests are photographed against a backdrop). At other times, it may be lower (e.g., people do not like to be photographed while eating, and when they are, they need to be asked to stop to ensure the photo can be flattering). I am proud of my work and personally invested in getting you the highest number of quality photos possible. If you require a quota, I am happy to do this, provided we have a discussion about the details of your event. A quota that hasn't been fully considered and discussed, on the other hand, creates an incentive to take more pictures you'll have little use for, and distracts from focusing on getting the good ones you really want.

Do I get all the photos you take?

I think this is best answered by using a couple of examples. If I'm taking candid photos of a group of people chatting with one another, I generally need to take about 5 to get one that's respectful to everyone in the photo; people will invariably have their mouths open in a funny way and what not. The same goes for speeches. If I delivered every photo I took, especially in candid contexts, you'd have to cull through a ton of images you don't want to use, and your guests would not want those photos being seen. For posed photos, I generally take 2-3 shots to ensure I get one where everyone's eyes are open and looking at the camera. And if they're all good, I won't send duplicates. And if two of the three are good, and even just a little bit different, I'll send both of those two. Occasionally a photo misses focus or the flash misfires and I retake it. I won't send you those out of focus or pitch black images. 

Will you arrive at the event early?

I aim to arrive early at all events to give myself breathing room, set up my equipment, get a sense of the space, and ensure timely coverage. To avoid mixed signals and ensure the smooth functioning of your event, you should assume I will be available and ready to go at our contractually agreed upon start time.

Are the photos edited?

Yes. All images are edited for exposure, color, tone, contrast, sharpness, and cropping. I do not selectively edit portions, remove or add people or objects, or otherwise “Photoshop” individual photographs. 

I'm ready to book. How do I proceed?

Fill out the information on this form so I can draft and send you a contract. Once the contract is executed, your booking is reserved. I cannot hold dates without an executed contract. 

I have a few more questions.

I love questions. Fastest way to reach me is contacting me here